With all the touring the band has been doing over the past several years, Potter has completed a large number of songs that haven’t made it onto an album yet. “I am always writing. I like writing without thinking about where it’s going to go. We probably have 30 or more songs that are in various states and aren’t on one of our albums. Some are done, some are in pieces, and some are just plain bad,” she chuckled. “They are my little orphan songs.”

Those “orphan songs” may be on their own for now but they were born by a good mother who counts among her primary influences The Godfather of Grunge. “Neil Young has been a huge influence on me. Even back when I was doing solo gigs on my tinkery little piano in a coffee house I was playing ‘Old Man’ and songs from Harvest. As the band grew, I got way more into the Crazy Horse stuff and got very excited about the idea that there is a way to be dynamic and tasteful and still really hard edged. I love the line that Neil walks between nervous breakdown and total consciousness. That’s been my mantra in writing songs. I try to keep that balance at all times.