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When you want to travel and do the “on-the-move-lifestyle”, you need to have the best travel blog possible. And look no further – This is Somewhere is the place where you can find anything about my travel diary entries. I have traveled and tried to get all the culture and fun I can, which basically was my inspiration for trying to have one of the best travel blogs out here. So, if you need info on travelling to the most popular travel destinations, welcome aboard.

About “This is Somewhere”

Heyya guys. Before we get on to the most important things about travelling and the best travel blog entries, I feel a need I need to introduce myself. My name is Grace Potter. If you go on the You Tube Grace Potter channel or see my Grace Potter celebrity theater entries, you’ll see that I’m a dedicated travel blogger and adviser. I try to have the best travel blog entries that go over the most popular travel destinations, tips and cool things to do when someone is travelling.

I realize that we only live once, and with that in mind, I try to unravel all the secrets of the world and the most popular travel destinations. I enjoy leading the “on-the-move” lifestyle, and I like sharing tips and tricks that other travel blog websites won’t share with you. You can have fun everywhere, you just need the proper guidance. This is exactly what I have in mind when I create the best travel blog posts. I seek adventure and excitement, and believe me, you can find it anywhere – you just need to avoid popular clichés and have an adventure of your own.

This Year’s Most Popular Travel Destinations

Travelling is fun, but you sometimes need an idea from the best travel blogs to ensure that you go where it is popular and trendy. And these trendy and popular locations and destinations are like that not only because they have something to offer, but also because they can bring you great joy and you’ll get to discover the world, one step at a time. Here, we’ll present you with the top 3 destinations that are really popular this year, and we’ll also talk about the reasons why you should visit them.

Croatia, Europe

This place was unknown by many until a few years ago. However, ever since the popular show Game of Thrones swept everyone from their feet – it is one of the top destinations for adventurous travelers. Besides having a sea coast, Croatia also has a lot of great mountains for hikers, as well as some of the finest cuisine.

New York, USA

Everyone loves New York – it is great because of the many restaurants for the foodies, and it has so much energy that you’ll surely enjoy it. This is the perfect location for those who are looking for an urban travel.

Czech Republic, Europe

Europe is the most popular place for those who want to get cultural enlightenment. And amongst other countries, the Czech Republic is the most popular option for this year.

My RV Trip Experience Across USA

One of my most memorable travel experiences was RV-ing through USA. You get to see the world outside and you get to experience life, taking your time. I went RV-ing with 3 of my friends who drive, and we drove a lot! We went here and there, and after some debate we stopped in Las Vegas. I really didn’t think I was the type of person to gamble, but this was an once-in-a-lifetime experience. You get to play in the best casinos in the world – in the best gambling place – Las Vegas.

We wanted to find the best casino, but ended up going and playing the slots games in the first one we came across. After this one, we visited a few other Las Vegas casinos too. I can absolutely say – these casinos are simply gorgeous. They are incredibly large and spacious, and they have lots of casino games to choose from – large poker tables, fun slots games and other casino games that I wasn’t familiar with at that time.

10 Simple Tips for a Smoother Trip

If you want to travel safely and have the best time of your life, here are a few tips that might come in handy for your next trip.

  1. Pack lightly – bring only essentials
  2. Know everything you need to about your hotel & know the hotel address by heart
  3. Take different currencies with you
  4. Always bring more than you plan on spending
  5. Never forget your medical history
  6. Don’t throw out the boarding passes
  7. Get your seat assignments as soon as possible
  8. Always have more than one driver in the car in case you are traveling by car
  9. Have unique bags – it is less likely to mix your luggage that way
  10. Know your flight number and travel information