Last night in Pittsburgh marked the beginning of a bit of a short break for the band. A quick look back at the tour dates show that Grace, Scott, Bryan and Matt have been on the road pretty much non-stop since May 2nd of 2007 with a few weeks off for good behavior holidays. That stretch included a few amazing runs of performances that make me weary just to think about. From October 3rd, 2007 – to November 17th, 2007 the band played an incredible 36 shows in 46 days. Just a few months later they started another run on January 10th, 2008 that went until February 23rd, playing 29 shows in 45 days.

I know this site has lots of readers that rarely if ever leave comments but I think now might be the time to delurk a bit and leave a big “Thank you” to the band, crew, bookers, management and everyone else involved. They all helped put Grace Potter and the Nocturnals music and show in front of the thousands of people who appreciated it.