From Cat’s Facebook Page
“Hey everybody – For the past two and a half years, GPN has been my family away from my family. We’ve all grown so much together. So it’s with sadness that I want y’all to know the Goodnight Irene benefit in VT in September was my last gig with GPN in the foreseeable future. It was a bittersweet night, to be sure, and we had a kind farewell as they left to go make a new record. I’m a lucky so-and-so to have been a part of that crew for as long as I was and I wish them all the joy the world has to offer.”

I was privileged to see Catherine’s first public performance with the band. Here’s a clip from the sound check of the show

I remember speaking to Justin after the show about the new lineup – I recall my exact words – “it just works”. And work it did for 2 1/2 years.

Here’s “White Rabbit and Woodtock” from the show itself

Van captured a show just a few days later at the Doheny Blues Festiva

It’s clear the band was already clicking wasn’t it? Watching these you can’t imagine that Cat had been with the band for less than a month. Since I’m not writing a eulogy here I’ll leave it to you guys to reflect on favorite Cat moments and I’ll post them all as a summary.

For reference, here’s my “Catherine joins the band” announcement

What now? Well, it’s not like Cat stops being a musician, I hear Puss n’ Boots is considering Cat as a drummer. Plus a career in Twitter comedy might be in the works.
Joe Whyte
Puss n Boots

We’ll miss you Catherine – but I bet the lucky among us will see you again down the road . .