It was a short run that would never have worked out. I didn’t want to be a cog in the machine. At the time I simply wanted to bring fresh ideas to the table and use them to support something I loved. So I cold-emailed their management (and now dear friends of mine) of a my favorite unknown band back east. The message included “at the moment, I don’t think there is another artist coming up that gets me more excited or that I have more confidence in the future success of. Which is why I’d love to discuss with you what I can do to lend a hand.”

Read the fascinating story of connections and opportunities. Of course, as modest as John can be, he left a few things out.

  1. John and bigMETHOD are incredibly talented, resourceful and hardworking. Making something appear to be simply serendipitous is a sign that there’s plenty of talent in the background.
  2. One of those music bloggers John reached out to “back in the day” was, well, me.
  3. You might think you know the results of that outreach. Well, you know part of it. There’s plenty more – and that’s pretty cool.

Thanks John – looking back on it maybe all I can say is “Wow” as well.