race Potter beams, “Oh yeah, I’m a Phish fan, I’ve been to like, 45 Phish shows!”

Waitsfield rocker Potter of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals was just a newborn when Phish was playing its earliest shows in Burlington in the 1980s. That group of four friends could have hardly imagined then how their jam rock would earn them a huge cult following, or, that they’d end up inspiring future musicians, like Potter.

The singer recalls, “I used to go with my parents as a kid, and when I got old enough to go by myself, my parents still came, but I was part of what they called ‘the Phish art crew.’ We would distribute paint and strange things to paint on. And Phish fans would come paint and I was one of the ‘comandeerers’ of paint!”

She’s now herself one of rock’s young stars, one of several in the music industry predicting 2009 could be the year of Phish.

Grace Potter says, “I have become friendly with some of the guys, and if I could pay them a visit it would be a great reunion, not just for them, but for me too, to be able to be a Phish fan again!”