Goodbye Kiss
Ah, Mary
Big White Gate
Things I Never Needed
Stop the Bus (not on setlist, played after mention of bus fire incident)
Low Road
Only Love
If I Was From Paris
Tiny Light
Sweet Hands
Watching You
White Rabbit
Nothing But The Water I
Nothing But The Water II

6 New songs, Grace stands on top of B3 Keys, Stop The Bus “Four way kneel guitar solo” etc etc etc. More later . . .

Biggest impression – the band is happy to be playing together and that feeling projects off the stage and into the crowd. They’re in a new gear. Sweet venue – probably 2,000 plus on hand. Good sound for such a large place.

My review of “Tiny Light” – it starts out as a mid-tempo, upbeat rock tune with new and interesting harmony vocals and then disintegrates (in a good way!) into a crazy/scary feedback guitar monster just over half way through. Scott digs this tune.