From Burlington, VT today comes news that Blues and Lasers, the band that features two members of Grace Potter and the Nocturnals, will launch a new business – “Blues and Laser Tag”.

“This business”, said Scott Tournet, Blues and Lasers guitarist, “combines our two great loves. Blues and Laser Tag. When we first named tha band folks thought that ‘Lasers’ was a nod to the modern edge we bring to our blues based music. Truly though, we love lasers – and specifically laser tag.”

Blues and Laser Tag will open in converted factory space that the band has been using for rehearsals in downtown Burlington. “We were sitting around very late one night when we hatched the plan”, said Benny Yurco, “and even though we had all been partaking in a few substances that our overly patriarchal government has deemed not strictly legal, we still thought it was a good idea the next morning, which is unusual, so we went for it..”

Matt Burr, Blues and Lasers drummer, continued “Too many kids who play Laser Tag today are forced to listen to pop pablum or the endless droning of death metal while enjoying their favorite sport. We hope to change that by piping in a blues based soundtrack during all the games. In addition, we’re hoping to add a live music component and book bands solely from the Fat Possum record label.”