Final song “But Instead” – and at risk of losing battery power! For me, the strongest song of the night. And with that, time to hit the road.

“Josh Ritter sing along song” – “Don’t you leave us in the dark x 4″

“It’s all right if you love me, it’s all right if you don’t. I’m not afraid of you running away honey, I get the feeling you won’t.”

Jen’s sister Octavia gives her a kiss and leaves. “If you have any questions about the lyrics to my song, ask Octavia.”

“New Song (The Police Song)” – introduced as Scott’s favorite.

Richard Thompson – “Streets of Paradise“. Jen says this is for her dad – she first heard the song on an LP that he owned.

Set 3 – 10:25 – “Hey Dixon” – holy crap it’s a rock and roll show.

Amos Lee – “Seen It All Before” – matches Jen’s vocal range perfectly – Scott hits a lap steel solo and the song ends, well, abruptly? To laughs from all.

Scott finally lets himself go and rips off a blistering solo, yikes, the crowd digs it.

Jen/Lowcut black V-neck – Scott/Lowcut black V-neck – Picture on the wall/Incredibly low cut black V-neck

“Children of Jack” by Guy Forsyth

Max bows the upright – Scott pulls out the lap steel for the next one – “Seven Minutes”.

“Drove So Fast”

Introductions all around – Jen says great stuff about the band, Scott – Blues and Lasers, GPN.

Second set starting at 9:15 – mom is still selling CD’s for $12.

Jen really hit it with that one. Then “I’m going to do one more then take a break and bring the boys out. Then we’re gonna rock. In that sad depressing singer/songwriter sort of way but we’re still gonna rock. Trust me”

Patti Griffin (first cover), Jeffery Foucault “Northbound 35” coming up.

“My wonderful mother is selling the CD for $10″ – Tipi “She’s asking $12″ – laughs all around

Jen – “I’m doing lots of covers in the first set, saving my own stuff for the band”.

Usual Posse Vermont suspects are present – Jen’s parents, Scott’s parents – siblings. It’s a real family event.

“Oh me oh my oh – won’t you look at Miss Ohio”

I tell Scott I’m going to live blog it – run to the car and bring the computer in.

“Cold Front” – really nice solo version

Jen takes the stage alone – about 100 people in the room – the entrance lobby of the museum.

I get the first Magic Hat #9 from the foamy keg.