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September 27, 2013

Great article about music, food and Southern Ground

“More and more nowadays, musicians are required to brand themselves beyond music, because music is not a commodity the way it used to be,” Potter tells the Scene. “Everyone can go sit in their fuckin’ room and sing into a computer speaker and post it on YouTube and become an overnight sensation.

“So in order to create that gravity that makes people come back to you over and over again, you need to present yourself as a whole human being now — it’s not just about music, it’s about you and everything you care about coming out in a way that’s going to resonate with people. … You have to create a mini-empire for yourself, because just making music isn’t cutting it any more.”

I don’t think EVERYONE can become an overnight sensation. I mean, I could, but not everyone.


translates as leech craft

September 26, 2013


St. Vincent aka Annie Clark

#AlsoCoversBeatles #NoSouthernRockInSight


riverdale hormones

September 24, 2013



more rock in rio

September 21, 2013

I think Grace yells “I am a jelly doughnut” before Never Go Back


gpn and donavon frankenreiter

September 21, 2013

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main stage at rio via benny

September 20, 2013


Live Stream at 5:30


Dan and Kieran take the show to Burlington, VT for the Grand Point North Festival featuring music, art, and weird stuff! Despite being New England Patriots country, they experience the talents and charm of northern Vermont. Conceived by the Potter family, this festival has drawn the top musical artists in the country. Dan and Kieran share their perspective as they witness Grand Point North for the first time. Produced by Just Print It Television, a media creation education program originating from Grant D. Morse Elementary School in Saugerties, NY. Recorded September 2013.



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September 17, 2013

Via Archive.org

Thanks JT!

01) Intro.
02) Stop The Bus >
03) Sweet Hands
04) Goodbye Kiss
05) Parachute Heart
06) Stars
07) Devils Train
08) Joey
09) Keepsake
10) Tiny Light >
11) Big White Gate >
12) If I Was From Paris ** >
13) Hot Summer Night
14) Two Twenty Two ++
15) The Divide >
16) The Lion The Beast The Beat >
17) Medicine
18) Encore Break
19) Nothing But The Water Part I
20) Gumbo Moon ##
21) Gimme Some Lovin

## 1st Time Played Since 2005/2006
** With Trombone Shorty
++ With Warren Haynes